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Get rid of nasal congestion and sinus pressure using two ingredient only


Many people are faced with the problem of sinusitis especially during the winter season. Even though modern medicine offers many solutions, the best choice would be to use a natural remedy for sinusitis.

If you want to avoid overloading your body with pills, this old folk recipe for pain and inflammation relief is just what you need.

This all-natural remedy is extremely efficient in fighting frequent nasal congestions and inflammations. Apart from being highly effective, it’s also easy to make. Grate some fresh horseradish and put it a glass jar. Fill the jar with ½ kg organic apple cider vinegar and close tightly.

Leave for 10 days at room temperature, while stirring occasionally.

After this period, open the jar and inhale for about 5 minutes several times during the day.

Alternatively, you can soak a piece of cotton cloth and use the same mixture as a coating.

Do the treatment for 5 days. If necessary, repeat it, but no more than twice a month.

Another home remedy for treatment of inflamed sinuses is boiling 50g grated horseradish in ½ l water. Once the mixture boils, remove from heat and make inhalations covered with a towel.


All in all, horseradish is a strong natural antibiotic which clears sinuses, increases facial circulation, and promotes expulsion of mucus from upper respiratory passages.


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