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Get rid of fatigue and stress in a unique way – in only 5 minutes!


Having a bad day can cause a lot of stress and drain all your energy away. However, there is a simple technique which can restore your energy.

Massage is applied for centuries and is considered to be a very efficient method for improving the entire psycho-physical health of man.

Here’s a 5 min finger self-massage that fully relaxes, removes the headache and clear respiratory passages: it can be done at any time, at any place, at home, at work, on vacation.

It is very simple and you will get the maximum positive effect in minimum time. This toe massage will relax tense muscles, and you will be refreshed and happier.

Exercise 1 – Grab the little finger with the thumb and forefinger, gently shake it to remove muscle tension. Then, as much as it is comfortable for you, turn the little finger in a clockwise direction. After 10 seconds change direction. After that, in the same way, repeat this exercise with the other fingers.

Exercise 2 – Pressing the root of each finger, can cause an increase in vital energy. For example, at the end of the thumb is the reflex zones related to the lungs and pressing it cleans the airways and nasal cavity.

Exercise 3 – Squeeze your hand in a fist in a way that you will leave space to place the thumb of the other hand inside. Grab the thumb and gently pull it as you were to stretch it. Then do the same with the other fingers.

Exercise 4 – At the end shake your hands. You should feel comfort, warmth and relaxation.

Try it now!


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