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Get rid of bad cholesterol with this homemade juice


Bad cholesterol and increased amount of fat in blood can be reduced with a homemade drink. This homemade juice also has an amazing effect on your immune system.

Ingredients needed:
-4 garlic bulbs
-4 lemons
-3-4 cm ginger root or 2 tbsp ginger powder
-2 l water


Wash and cut the lemon.

Wash and clean the garlic bulbs and put them in blender all together with ginger and lemon. Put the mixture in water and heat it until it starts to boil.

Then remove it from the stove and leave it to cool down. Drain the mixture and put it glass bottle.

Drink 2 dcl of this refreshing drink at least once a day, two hours before lunch on an empty stomach. Drink this drink for three weeks and then pause for a week.

Before using any natural medicine, consult your doctor.


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