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Garlic as a medication and its application


Garlic is one of the best things the nature has given us. The list of its health properties is endless.

Garlic can be used to solve numerous problems. Some of them will be listed in this article.

Garlic can be used to stop hair loss. Apply garlic oil or freshly cracked garlic on your hair, massage for 10 minutes and wash it off with your shampoo. Repeat this treatment once a week.

If you wish to clear your face from acne, apply garlic directly on the acne. As garlic has antibacterial properties, the results will be visible shortly.

An ear infection can be treated with garlic. Mix one spoon of cracked garlic with one spoon of hot olive oil and leave it to rest. After an hour, put several drops into inflamed ear. Repeat the treatment two times a day.

If you have a problem with herpes, apply some chopped garlic on it and leave it for ten minutes. In order to remove herpes, repeat this treatment five times during the course of 12 hours.

Cough syrup can be made from garlic. Mix crushed cloves of garlic with one deciliter of boiling water. The obtained liquid should be consumed as tea.

If you have some troubles to remove a piece of splintered wood out of your skin, put cracked garlic on it and cover it with a bandage. After some time has passed, you will be able to remove it.

Garlic can be used as an ingredient of a facial mask. Just supplement your face mask with crushed garlic and put it on your skin. Leave it for several minutes.

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