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Find out why soda is bad for you


Millions of people drink soda instead of water. Soda has a taste, while water is tasteless. But the ingredients of a soda or a diet soda, which make it taste so good and sweet are questionable. Another thing that should be considered is what actually happens to you when you give up drinking soda.

If you remove diet soda from your everyday diet, your health will shoot up. If you really decide to stop drinking soda or diet soda, or any other sweetened fizzy drink, the following will take place.

You won’t experience migraines and your focus will improve – You stopped drinking soda and now you don’t experience headaches and you are more focused. Based on the assessment in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, artificial sweetener aspartame, which is used in these drinks may have transformed brain chemicals, nerve signals, and the brain’s reward system, which is the cause of headaches, anxiety, and insomnia.

Your food becomes more tasteful – Without the soda, your taste buds start to experience food as something so tasteful and enjoyable. Aspartame is 200 times sweeter than sugar and that is why diet soda changes sweet receptors in the brain. Once you stop drinking diet sodas, and change your unhealthy snacking choices with healthy ones, like fruit, you will notice that the taste of diet soda is unbearably sweet.

You are happy to see that the scale is starting to show the right numbers – The best way to enable weight loss is to completely stop drinking diet soda. It was proved by a 9-year study that older adults who consumed diet soda kept increasing their belly fat. It was proved by numerous studies that if you drink diet sodas on a daily bases you are at risk of becoming obese, diabetic and suffering from high blood-pressure.

Bones become stronger – By eliminating soda intake, your bones will strengthen and risk of fractures will be reduced. An increased risk of hip fracture for postmenopausal women, lower bone mineral density in hips can all be avoided if you stop drinking sugary drinks on a daily bases.

You will change your attitude on food – People drink diet sodas because they are low in calories but pack on calories by eating burgers, fries, cake, chips. If you stop drinking sodas, you will make healthier food choices.

You can hold your liquor better – It is generally known that diet sodas increase the speed of becoming drunk. If diet soda is mixed with alcohol, it initiates the concentration of alcohol in your blood. If the caffeine is also a part of that mix, you should be careful. A study in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research proved that people who combine alcohol with diet colas were more easily and frequently intoxicated.

Decreased risk of diabetes and fat storage – According to a study in Diabetes care, if you drink two-thirds of a diet soda before having a meal, it forces the pancreas to release a lot of the fat-storing hormone insulin. Body produces insulin to control blood-sugar levels, and this can also be a cause of diabetes.

Improved function of kidneys – When your kidneys don’t have to process ingredients of a diet soda, they will work better. According to a study, if women drink 2 and more servings of diet soda, the chances of declined kidney function are doubled.

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