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Pay attention to the following and find out if your body is full of toxins

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Our bodies have ways of expressing when something is wrong. Toxins are brought into our bodies through food, but the purpose of liver is to eliminate them. However, sometimes toxins are not eliminated because of inappropriate diet and lack of physical activity.

In order to avoid this, you should pay attention to the following signs.

Physiological needs – If you experience frequent need to go to the bathroom, it could be a sign that your body has toxins. However, this is one of the ways in which they are eliminated. In order to improve the performance of your intestinal microflora and to eliminate toxins faster, you should drink more liquids, teas and probiotics.

Bad breath – Toxins could cause bad breath. It could be caused by bacteria in your oral cavity or caused by inability of liver and stomach to process all toxins. People who have such problem should eat parsley and clean their tongue daily.

Certain smells irritate you – A person becomes oversensitive to some smells if the liver is not capable of abolishing various toxins from the body. Someone even experiences headaches or nausea. The detoxification process can be done using tea of thorn and flowers of dandelion.

Inability to lose weight – Hormones, improper diet and excess toxins in the blood can stand in the way of wanted weight loss. Fat is bound to your body by some toxins like dioxines and pesticides. Proper diet and healthy choices lead to toxin elimination and weight loss.


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