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Study: connection between seasonal effects at birth and lifetime disease risk


Researchers at Oxford University published a study in the Journal of the American Informatics Association which found 55 diseases that are considerably dependent on birth month.

Medical records of 1.75 million people born between 1900 and 2000 were looked into for this research. This study thoroughly examined the connection between seasonal effects at birth and lifetime disease risk for 1,688 conditions.

The results showed that 55 diseases were depending considerably on the birth month. In 1983, evidence connecting a subtype of asthma to birth month was submitted.

Reportedly, there is a 40% higher chance for people to develop asthma if their date of birth belongs to the seasons when homes are more abundant with dust.

Furthermore, because of seasonal discrepancies in vitamin D and thymic output some neurological conditions may be associated with month of birth.

Due to improvement in health informatics and accessibility of large clinical databases, it is possible for researchers to direct methodical exploration of birth month disease dependencies. This is a breakthrough since all other similar studies, conducted previously were based on hypothesis.

According to this study, months of birth are divided into those of high-risk and low-risk. Generally, people whose month of birth is May have the lowest risk of disease. October and November carry the highest risk.

March is the month of the highest risk of heart disease. September and October carry a risk of respiratory disease. Illnesses of reproductive and neurological system are the risk for people born in early winter.

Researchers add that health is not something that is programmed by the date of birth. Other variables like diet and exercise also have an influence on the risk of developing a disease.  Thus, this study is not something that should be taken for granted.

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