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Eat 5 Walnuts And Wait 4 Hours: This Is What Will Happen To You!


According to the new study, one hand of walnuts during the day is enough to prevent heart diseases.

If eating one hand of walnuts per day becomes your habit, you will be permanently protected.

Scientists say walnuts (or walnut oil) have a beneficial effect on the level of cholesterol, as well as on the elasticity of blood veins. Even after 4 hours of consuming walnuts or walnut oil, the blood flow in your body will be enhanced.

Additionally, scientists confirmed that daily dose of one hand of walnuts can help you fight against cardiovascular diseases.

As Dr. Penny Kris Eteron, Professor of nutrition at Penn State University in Pennsylvania claims, 4-day-treatment with daily doses of one hand of walnuts will be enough to reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Thanks to this study, the first study devoted to effects of walnuts, we now know that walnuts are good for our entire health. Only three tbsp. (51g) of walnut oil can improve the condition of the blood veins in just 4 hours.

Walnut oil is irreplaceable help when it comes to the integrity of endothelial cells. Just like in the case of blood veins, walnut oil maintains their elasticity.

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