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Do you realize what you have eaten when cooking food in aluminum foil?


Aluminum foil is considered as one of the useful aids in the kitchen. However, such practice should be stopped as aluminum is actually poisonous.

Using aluminum foil to bake the food in the oven is a harmful thing because aluminum is poisonous and it can be dangerous for your health and those around you.

Aluminum poisoning

The body effectively eliminates toxins, however, too much exposure to aluminum can cause harm. Aluminum can accumulate inside the body and eventually cause poisoning, Mount Sinai Hospital says this is becoming very common.

Aluminum poisoning has symptoms like muscle weakness, bone pain, seizures and confusion. Children who have this condition have slow growth and development. Aluminum poisoning can also cause brain disease, disease of the nervous system, anemia and respiratory problems. A new research has shown that embryos that have been exposed to aluminum, later had abnormalities and defects.

Aluminum is contained in the Earth’s crust and it is also found in many foods and drugs we take daily.

Whenever you take some prescription drug you increase the risk of aluminum poisoning. Furthermore, it is also found in nearly all dishes and a few of the foods we eat every day. When you bake your food in aluminum foil, it poisons the food and thus your body. People who work in a place where aluminum is present have this condition.

How to prevent aluminum poisoning?

Although the body can process small amounts of aluminum you need to avoid it. Make sure the food you eat doesn’t contain aluminum and replace the aluminum plates with cast iron plates and never bake or fry your food in aluminum foil.

Stay away from processed and packaged food because most food companies use aluminum as food preservative. Consume fresh, organic food and uncooked vegetables. If you follow these advice you probably won’t get aluminum poisoning.


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