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Girls in Denmark experience serious side effects after HPV vaccinations


Screening of documentary whose topic were girls who suspected they had been injured by the HPV vaccine Gardasil influenced other girls with the same problem to come forward.

This documentary was showed in March 2015 on a Danish national television station.

It was reported that girls experienced side effects after taking Gardasil. Large number of doctors responded to such claims saying that the patients had psychological problems and that the HPV vaccine has no serious side effects.

Daughter of Luise Juellund is one of those girls and she has been diagnosed with POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) which is assumed to be the side effect of HPV vaccines.

Head of the Center for Functional Disorders in Copenhagen, Peter la Cour stated that these girls were seriously physically ill and such cases cannot be dismissed under the assumption that they have a mental illness.

The number of girls with serious side effects after their HPV vaccinations was 60% higher than it was expected by Danish health authorities. This number still continues to rise and the waiting list to be evaluated is at least six to nine months long.

One of the specialists who gives medical help to these girls, Jesper Mehlsen stated that at least two per 10 000 had side effects. But, he had to revise his numbers and the truth is that one in 500-1000 girls of the 500,000 vaccinated experiences serious side effects.

However, the use of the HPV vaccine Gardasil has been defended by the National Board of Health and Danish Health Minister, even though more than 600 young girls were suspected of becoming seriously ill from the vaccine.

In contrast to this, gynecologist Jeppe Schroll stated that the studies on the vaccine were based on a pure guess so it is hard to say whether the health authorities are right because they can also be wrong. In addition to this statement, Dr. Diane Harper who helped develop Gardasil for Merck added that data to authenticate that the benefits outweigh the risks does not exist.

Merck analyzed possible serious side effects on the basis of a questionnaire which clinical trial participants completed two weeks after they received the vaccine. This is unreliable because if a woman becomes ill after 14 days, she may not connect it to the vaccine.

Dr. Jeppe Schroll concluded that the reason why there were no side effects in the studies was because they were not looking for them.

Experts opinion on this matter is that before introducing the new HPV vaccine, many sick girls who are suspected to have had adverse reactions to Gardasil have to be examined.

Another spokesperson Ozlem Cekic stated that a new HPV vaccine should not be launched before severe side effects of a previous one are fully investigated.

Even though health rapporteur Liselott Blixt was the one who supported the introduction of HPV vaccine Gardasil in 2008, now she has completely changed her opinion. She concluded that the vaccine has to be stopped because approximately 5,000 young women suddenly became seriously ill.



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