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Dating a Russian woman may not be the best decision


Here are the reasons why you should think twice before dating a Russian woman.

A scary beauty

For a Russian woman, looking good is a prerogative. In the nature of Russian women is the need to look impeccable in every possible situation, every day, whole day. Sometimes, that kind of attitude requires certain sacrifices, such as wearing uncomfortable shoes, but that doesn’t matter.

This need, or maybe even obsession with good looks, goes even to the point that they will never let themselves to wear the same clothes twice. These women believe that their beauty reflects their strength and provide them with the respect of others. To them, this is the way of getting someone’s attention and gaining the opportunity to show off their personalities.

So, if you date a Russian girl, she will probably expect from you to do the same, otherwise it will look like one of you is in the wrong place.

Loyalty without an exception

Loyalty means everything to them. They are sincere, devoted, and they will always be there for their loved ones.

If you don’t understand how important loyalty is to them, remember the situation from the 19th century, when women willingly followed their exiled husbands to Siberia.

A Russian woman has the highest possible opinion on her partner. At the same time she thinks highly of herself too, and she cannot imagine the situation where she supports her partner unconditionally, but doesn’t get the same treatment back.

How important is loyalty to you?

Potential Russian in-laws

Remember that leaving your meal unfinished is impolite in Russia. If you go to meet a family of your Russian partner, expect to be welcomed in the Russian style.

Don’t expect the help of your Russian partner – she will also like to see you enjoying enormous amounts of Russian specialties.

And there is one more thing. You will probably have to prove yourself at some point. Her family will find the way to test you. For example, that could be a drinking competition against another family member, as a way of proving strength. Anyway, the family will decide how to test you. After passing the test successfully, you will have to celebrate that by eating additional amounts of food.


Russian women don’t believe in fairy tales. They take their destiny in their own hands and don’t expect from anyone to drag them through life. They are willing to work on their education, they will build their self-confidence, and in a relationship, they will take their rightful place and act independently.

When difficult moments come, they will selflessly offer their support, and the two of you, together, will be able to overcome such moments.

High expectations

A Russian woman will expect you to be the best. They want a relationship with a man who loves them and who has very good manners. If you are the one, you should not treat only your Russian partner nicely, but other people too. Animals as well! You should prove that you are a gentleman and a caring person. If you have that in your blood, your partner will recognize it, and appreciate it. That is how you can be her hero. She will expect nothing less than that.

Gaining the trust

It will take time to gain a Russian girl’s trust. You won’t be able to get too close to her, even if you both like each other very much. At first, she might even look uninterested in you. But in time, everything will change, and you will be able to meet the real her.

The Russian cooking

There is one thing that all Russian women have in common – they enjoy experimenting with food. Yes, there will be some usual dishes on her menu, but more often you will have the opportunity to try same unusual ingredient combinations, and numerous variations of a single recipe. Also, if you don’t like cabbage, be prepared for the fact that they put it in everything!  From time to time, she will surprise you with a very tasteful meal. Bon appétit!

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