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Coconut oil is an amazing replacement for expensive cosmetics: helps with stretch marks, infections, skin spots!


Coconut oil has many uses and it is an affordable alternative to expensive skin care products.

Many older women adore this oil because they use it to cover the stains on the skin caused by aging. Apply on the place, rub it and leave it to stay for a while. With regular use during one or two weeks you will see gradual bleaching.

HEALING FUNGAL INFECTIONS – Soak the tampon in coconut oil and put it in the vagina. After a few hours you will feel the reducing of the symptoms of your fungal infection.

NATURAL TOOL AGAINS INSECTS – If you mix a little coconut oil with mint or rosemary will notice a drastic reduction of bugs around you. This natural product against insects contains harmful substances like those you buy in the market.

STIMULATION OF THE GROWTH OF THE NAILS – If you want long nails, but they are constantly breaking and peeling, solve the problem with the putting on a coconut oil. A small dose around cuticles will make a huge difference.

PREVENTION OF STRECH MARKS – Simply massage with coconut oil on risky places you to act preventively in the appearance of stretch marks, and even a little fade to those who already have the body. After a few weeks you will notice results.

STIMULATION OF HAIR GROWTH – Put a little oil on your hands, rub it to warm up and with the fingers comb my through the hair. Concentrate on the ends, but put a little in the vicinity of the roots for a healthy scalp.

This will stimulate the growth of hair, that way you will get long locks like you desire. Leave it like that for one hour, the longer the better, you could even sleep like this. Then wash your hair with shampoo put two times so it will rinse nicely with the oil.

MEANS FOR HYDRATION – Coconut oil has antimicrobial, antifungal and antibacterial properties, so in addition to help in the fight against acne, you will maintain a person hydrated and fresh. Just a drop will make your skin shine.


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