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Chinese longevity secret revealed


There is one absolutely unique place on human body. If you put an ice cube on that place on a regular basis, the body starts to rejuvenate, many diseases start to disappear, and you will always be healthy, in a good mood and full of energy.

This spot is located between the tendons in the neck, on nape of neck to be exact. It is a dimple where head meets the neck. In Chinese acupuncture this point is called Fen Fu (“wind shelter”).

Treatment includes the following: a person should be lying on his stomach or to be in a sitting positions. Ice cube (approximately 2×2 cm) should be placed on Fen Fu point and held there for about 20 minutes. Ice cube can be fixed using a bandage, shawl or something similar. This treatment should be applied on a daily basis, but with breaks of 2-3 days between blocks. During the day, people should practice this in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before sleeping. Caching a cold is not possible with this method. When you start the treatment you will fill cold at first, but after 30-40 seconds, you will fill the heat influx in that very spot. During the first days of treatment you will have the feeling of euphoria due to the release of endorphins into the bloodstream.

These are the benefits of regular treatment on the back of the head (Feng Fu point) using ice cubes:

  • improved quality of the sleep
  • constantly good mood and general vitality
  • excellent function of the digestive tract
  • no more colds (ice can be used in the cases of fever as well)
  • absence of headache, toothache and pain in joints


Ice cube effect on Fen Fu point can be especially helpful with following health conditions:

  • respiratory problems
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • neurological diseases with degenerative spine changes
  • acute gastrointestinal and sexually transmitted infections
  • thyroid gland disorders
  • arthritis, hypertension and hypotension
  • bronchial asthma
  • disturbances in the gastrointestinal tract, obesity and malnutrition
  • cellulite (especially in the early stages and as a prevention)
  • menstrual cycle disorders, impotence, frigidity, endocrine infertility
  • psycho-emotional disorders, stress, chronic fatigue, depression, insomnia

Strictly speaking, treating Fen Fu point does not heal, but helps a person to regain his physiological norm. It literally rejuvenates the body and gives a strong life impulse to the body.

Contraindications to the treatment: pregnancy, presence of a pacemaker, epilepsy and schizophrenia.

Chinese medicine defines human body as a system of energy. Energy flow and organ functions can be affected through massage. And there is one more way to influence someone’s inner energy – “longevity spot” which provides permanent healing and rejuvenating effect and slows down the aging process. That is the Zu San Li point.


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