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Cannabis as a natural cure for cancer


About 400,000 people a year die of preventable medical errors in the US. This is one of the main reasons why people are trying to distance themselves from the medical establishment and pharmaceutical drugs by implementing other natural solutions that work with the body and not against it. One of those solutions, which are provided by nature, is raw cannabis.

Even though today marijuana is considered a drug, the ancient Chinese used it to relieve pain and for its mind-altering effects. It was produced as hemp for rope and fabric. The ancient Romans and Greeks utilized it for the same purpose.

However, marijuana was used in India for its psychoactive properties in religious rituals.

The list of its different use through history is endless.

Based on Marijuana Tax Act from 1937, the use of marijuana was prohibited in the US. But everything has changed quite recently, after many countries legalized marijuana for both recreational and medicinal uses.

Marijuana makes all 210 cell types function more effectively.

According to Dr. Courtney, consumption of raw cannabis has a major impact on your health and raw cannabis is non-psychoactive. The best way to consume it is in the form of raw cannabis juice.

According to the results of a study, essential oil terpenes found in cannabis has powerful effects. It is lipophilic, interact with cell membranes, neuronal and muscle ion channels, neurotransmitter receptors, G-protein coupled (odorant) receptors, second messenger systems and enzymes.

These terpenes are known to fight depression and stress, kill breast cancer cells, some have anti-inflammatory properties and are useful as an effective sleep aid and even as an antibiotic.

There are 200 varieties of terpenes found in cannabis and each has its own application and health benefit.

According to Dr. Courtney, daily dose consists of mixing cannabis leaves and two buds with a small amount of fruit or vegetable juice. It must be noted that cannabis must be juiced in a proper manner in order to avoid heating it up, which releases THC.

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  • Robert Ireland

    Not medicine. Over 500 essential nutrients which keep us from disease and give back up to at least 70% more longevity, just in limited numbers of terpenoids, which cannabinoids and terpenes fall under, making far more.compounds, over 340 vs 119 vs 49 nutrients were told to believe is all we need as essential nutrients, yet disease across an entire encyclopedia of diseases and disorders, every one of which improves, engances, slows progression of, stops, reverses, repairs, crea tree s, destroys or at least improves quality of life when used after the fact of deficiency led disease factor. Terpenoids are newly being discovered over the past 40 and more years as interacting in multiple manners, singularly and in endless combinations provoking the cells to function in a. Vastly more healthy way and when consumed in the normal diet as a core element of that diet not only renders a population virtually disease factor free AND living upwards and beyond at least 40 to 70% longevity increases. The evidence is in micro communities worldwide if you all care to do real research. I have. I’ve pored over at least over 27,000 research abstracts and reports in the past 35 months and I don’t see a single medicine or drug in this entire plant. Not onr. What I do see is nutrients, over 500 and when you eat them 3 very day you do not disease and if average is 70, then you stand a pretty good chance of reaching over 110 in good health and with vitality. Even over 120! And that just in low doses and limited compounds. Medicine my arse. Nutrients behave this way and are identified this wat. All this lunacy over not just a vegetable. A vegetable with not just most of the accepted 49 essential nutrients, 10 times MORE than we have been yet told. Do the research. I have.and it’s more amazing than they dare tell and most even know for want of having ever read the full compendium of available research from reputable international and national laboratories and institutions. Make them all go read. They’re all out in left field with this issue
    All for personal gains. Mine? We heal the world. Tikun Olam. Heal the world in light of love. Go look. It’s all there in front of your faces. I know. I went there. I awoke. This IS the Tree of Life. Kaneh Bos, the key ingredient of the holy Anointing oil. I’m actually appalled that only a tiny number of scientists actually even see a hint of this when it’s so obvious. Smh appalled.

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