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British scientist claims: People will live 1000 years and they were already born

eternal life

Another scientist came forward with the claim that eternal life is possible. According to his claims, people will live 1000 years.

Dr Aubrey de Grey believes people who have already been born could live for ten centuries because of ongoing research being done into “repairing the effects of ageing.”

He hopes to ultimately create preventative treatments that mean humans would be able to consistently re-repair and live as long as 1,000 years or possible even forever.

But his theory for repairing ageing has not been widely accepted by peers.

He said: “People have this crazy concept that ageing is natural and inevitable, and I have to keep explaining that it is not.

“The human body is a machine with moving parts and like a car or an aeroplane, it accumulates damage throughout life as a consequence of normal operation.”

Mr de Grey is the co-founder and chief science officer of Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS) Research Foundation in California, USA.

According to their website: “SENS Research Foundation’s strategy to prevent and reverse age-related ill-health is to apply the principles of regenerative medicine to repair the damage of aging at the level where it occurs.

“We are developing a new kind of medicine: regenerative therapies that remove, repair, replace, or render harmless the cellular and molecular damage that has accumulated in our tissues with time.

“By reconstructing the structured order of the living machinery of our tissues, these rejuvenation biotechnologies will restore the normal functioning of the body’s cells and essential biomolecules, returning aging tissues to health and bringing back the body’s youthful vigor.”

But, with donors like Google and Paypal, the charity organisation has raised millions of dollars to continue its hopeful research, and it has come in for criticism from mainstream scientists over ethics and feasibility.

Dr Tilo Kunath, of the Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, branded Mr de-Grey 100 per cent wrong and said it was impossible for anyone to live longer than around 120 now or in the near future.


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