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Black cat comforts other sick animals


Black cats are considered a bad omen all around the world. However, there is one black cat that provides comfort to other sick animals.

Black cat Rademenes accepted the role of a nurse in a Polish veterinary center.

The cat was in a seriously bad state when he was brought into a veterinary clinic in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

After six months, Rademenes recovered completely. According to the director of the center Izabella Szolginia, the personnel at this clinic discovered that Rademenes was lying with other animals in the shelter, especially those that were recuperating from surgery.

The staff at the clinic now considers Rademenes a full time nurse.

The name Rademenes originated in a Polish children’s TV series. It suits him perfectly because in this series a cat is the reincarnation of a man from Egypt, who grants seven wishes to a boy who saves him from hooligans.


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