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Big Pharma’s cannabis pill is killing people


Pharmaceutical company Big Pharma is trying to produce synthetic cannabis in the form of a pill. It was reported that the entire project is a failure and that people are dying during the process.

Big Pharma have attempted to patent this natural herb via a chemical alternative pill in order to cash in on the market.

Trying to synthesise cannabis has been attempted before, as evidenced by Solvay Pharmaceuticals with its Marinol drug, and the results have proved fatal.

Pharmaceutical company Bial tested its cannabis pill ‘Biotrial’ – a synthetic ECS stimulant that replicated the effects of cannabis – and had to halt testing due to the death of one of the participants in the University Hospital of Rennes in France.

In the US cannabis is becoming legal in more and more states.  A recent survey taken by the Centre for Addictions Research of BC, found that 80 percent of Americans are trading in the ‘pills for pot’.



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