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Recycled toilet paper contains a cancer causing substance


Recycled toilet paper contains a substance called Bisphenol-A (BPA).

This chemical is able to interrupt the endocrine system and imitate female hormone estrogen. BPA can cause fertility problems and endometriosis among adult females. Other issues include noticeable neurological, behavioral and even prostate gland changes in fetuses and young children.

Most plastics contain this toxic chemical. Objects which are known to contain BPA are baby products, water bottles, zip lock bags, plastic utensils and recycled toilet paper.

Recycled toilet paper is made of thermal printing paper, which contains BPA. Toilet paper, which contains toxic BPA, further leads to another toxicity concern and that is BPA in the streams of wastewater.

When you flush the toilet, the paper ends in the wastewater. This further goes to a municipal water treatment plant. Even though water containing BPA is processed, some amount of it can be found in the surface and groundwater supplies.

This should be considered an urgent matter because the xenoestrogens in BPA have been associated with a number of cancers and hormonal abnormalities.

The best solution is to filter your water, as BPA still remains in it.

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