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Be careful: Nail changes often indicate a disease

nail cancer

Your nails can signal that something is changing in your body and this must not be ignored.

We all know that we must protect our skin from harmful exposures that lead to cancer. Even though it might sound unbelievable, cancer can develop on nails as well.

Its occurrence is rather rare, but nail cancer does happen. This tumor grows in the tissue under the nail and looks like a light brown line under the nail.

On the other hand, most of the time these changes on toenails or fingernails are caused by lack of certain vitamins or minerals in the body. Mechanical injuries can also be the cause of such changes. Try to remember if you have hit your nail with a hammer and forgotten about it.

Other causes of nail changes include poisoning, the lack of oxygen in the blood, problems with kidney function and other diseases.

Bear in mind that these signs often indicate that something is happening within your body. Therefore, a visit to your doctor is a must.


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