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Attract peace and prosperity to your home: Here’s what you should do with your yard


Arranging your living space in accordance with feng shui principles brings prosperity, health and happiness, and gardens arranged this way attract “chi” energy.

Feng shui can be applied in two ways: the first one is based on the relief of the terrain, and another one is based on four cardinal directions.

What is common to both of these interpretations is that they are based on complementarity and permeation of yin and yang energies, as well as on the theory of five basic elements that are interconnected in both productive and destructive phases.

Jin energy is present in water, flat ground, wet soil or shade, while yang is present in growing plants, colorful flowers, sunny areas and on hills. Ideal feng shui gardens include five elements: water in the form of a small pond, fishpond, fountain; metal in the form of a silver statue; wood in the form of trees and shrubs; and fire presented through the plants, flowers, orange or red fruits and barbecue. Earth is represented by beautiful clay pots and figurines.

Basic rules of how to arrange elements in accordance with cardinal directions say that back of the house should be protected by natural or artificial hillock with planted trees, or with a decorative fence. Trees should have as branched crown as possible, and paths leading to the house through the garden should be curvy, because that prevents fast movement of “chi” energy.

Smaller paths must not intersect the main path at a right angle and it is not good to plant a tree across the entrance, because it prevents positive energy from entering the home.

North symbolizes creativity, personal development, new ideas, inspiration, prosperity, career, music, art, wealth, and its element is water. North is good choice for placing small ponds, puddles, and for keeping metal tools. Colors of the north side are navy blue and black.

Daffodils symbolize generosity, liberality, creativity. Lilies represent gold and bring wealth, while ivy eliminates negative energy. Let it grow and climb the walls of your house. Ideal low-growing plants for your garden are sage, rosemary, oak trees, hawthorn, chestnut, linden, and from the fig fruit trees you should consider wild cherry, quince and plum.

East symbolizes new life, growth, rebirth and rejuvenation, harmony, health, family life, nutrition and healing. The element of east is wood and it is a good location for planting trees and fruit trees, ornamental grasses, herbs. It is a good place for the playground.

West is a symbol of children, creativity, harvest, socializing and entertainment. The element of west is metal, and the western part of the garden is a good place for entertaining gatherings, sunbathing and for healing. Elements of fire should be avoided here: barbecue, red flowers, pyramid shapes…

South symbolizes opportunities, dreams, aspirations, awards, fame, achievement, happiness, long life and joy. The element of south is fire, and this direction is a good place for barbecue, trees, red and orange flowers. Avoid placing the element of water in this part of your yard.

Southeast symbolizes communicativeness and material possession. It is a good place to exhibit green plants and flowers. Avoid keeping metal elements here.

Southwest is a symbol of marriage, romance, motherhood, love, friendship, partnership. The element of southwest is earth and you should use this direction as a good place to sit and rest, to organize dinner for two, or to enjoy team sports. You should avoid wooden elements and green color here.

Northwest symbolizes trade, commerce, foreign interests, international travel, fatherhood, mentoring, charity, giving help. The element of northwest is metal and this is a good place to put metal statues of angels, animals, birds, wind indicators, bluebells…

Northeast symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, meditation, reading, spiritual and intellectual development and nature. It is good to place stone sculptures and statues here, as well as to place stone slabs for the pathway. It is not good to keep plants and trees in this part of yard.

Jasmine should be planted around approaching paths, because it attracts positive energy. Clematis in northern part of yard can help with career advancement, while in the southeast part it can positively affect financial conditions. Peony, a symbol of wealth, honor, love and female beauty, should be planted in the southwestern part of yard, and chrysanthemums in the eastern part of the garden (if it is yellow, plant it in the west or northwest part). White magnolia should be planted in front of the house as a symbol of good taste and loveliness. When is planted in the back of the house, it brings great wealth.

Bamboo planted in front, behind and east of the house symbolizes longevity, endurance, flexibility and good health. Pine tree planted at the side, or behind the house symbolizes longevity, friendship and loyalty. Peach tree is a symbol of immortality, and apple tree symbolizes peace and prosperity. Orange and lemon trees symbolize gold, happiness and a good life.

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