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Allergies predicted by your horoscope


According to researchers, your birth month can tell you whether you are prone to developing allergies or not.

Experts linked a person’s birth date to changes in DNA and their likelihood of developing long-term immune system disorders such as asthma or eczema.

The findings, described by researchers at Southampton University as a “horoscope by the seasons”, revealed those born in autumn and winter are more at risk of long-term allergies.

This could see those from Libra through to Aquarius reaching for the antihistamines, although it’s good news for Leos and Cancerians.

The research has a serious side and will help shed light on a new frontier in the understanding of inheritance by uncovering evidence that hidden influences on the genes could affect aspects of our lives.

John Holloway, professor of allergy and respiratory genetics at the university and one of the study’s authors, said: “This fascinating research can help us understand how early environmental exposure can lead to lifelong health consequences.

“They show our mothers’ environment shapes us and can change our genomes and our bodies’ risk of disease. It shows we have the potential to reverse negative influences.”

The research was carried out on 1,400 people born in 1989 from the Isle of Wight who were followed up at ages one, four, 10, 18 and 27.

Evidence from blood tests showed that season of birth affected allergy risk.

Summer new-borns were less likely to have allergic markers in their blood and those born in autumn had more risk of eczema.

Changes in DNA corresponded with allergy risk. Genetic changes were lasting and could continue into the next generation.

However, Professor Holloway said: “We are not advising altering pregnancy timing.”

In another study evidence from birth and death records showed a famine at critical times in the lives of the grandparents can affect the life expectancy of the grandchildren.


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