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60-second health test! Take a teaspoon and find out if you are sick!!!


The quality of your general health can be established within one minute.

In order to check your health, you will need a teaspoon and plastic bag. Take the spoon and remove some plague from the surface of the tongue. Try to remove plaque near the throat.

Then, wrap the spoon in a plastic bag and put it under strong light for 60 seconds.

The strong light from the bulb accelerates the growth of bacteria, so if you have lighter bulb, the result will be more visible.

In healthy humans, the deposits will be clean. However, if there are too many, strange colors and odor, it can be an early sign of problems with your lungs or airways, liver, kidneys, intestines or hormones.

If you get bad result, you should visit a doctor and find out what is the problem.

Also, this test can show whether you have bad breath, for which people often are not aware of.

If it is a fruity odor breath, it may indicate ketoacidosis or metabolic disorder, which can cause even diabetes. If you have ammonia –like breath odor, it is possible that you have problems with your kidneys.

However, do not immediately panic – unpleasant breath does not always have to be a sign of some disease. In fact, it is usually due to problems with tonsils, gums and tooth decay.



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