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How to read somebody’s mind successfully


If you are able to read a person’s mind, it will allow you to anticipate their next move, appreciate them and be there for them.

The following will explain how to successfully read somebody’s mind.

Body movement – It is possible to read a person’s body movement and you should consider it a special language which is telling you what another person is thinking. For example, if a person is under stress, they will crease their forehead. A person’s posture, levels of energy and body language can reveal their mental state.

Observe their way of breathing – The way persons breathe can tell you a lot. If breaths are shallow, they are anxious. If breaths are long and deep, they are in a relaxed state.

Look into their eyes – If a person is thinking about something, pupils will be dilated. On the other hand, when a person is overburdened, the pupils will constrict. The pupils widen when you first meet someone.

Pay attention to the tone in which someone is speaking – The energy of the voice reveals more than the word itself. Also, the speed of the voice reveals whether someone is calm or nervous.

Spend time with someone – When you spend a lot of time with someone, you observe how someone reacts to something. The more time you spend, the more you will know. Any changes in behavior or feelings will be easily noticeable.

Pay attention on how you approach a certain individual – If you reflect nervous state when you approach someone, that person might respond in the same manner. So, be relaxed and the other person will absorb the same energy.

Moreover, you can also ask someone about the way they feel. Try to ask for specific information by stating the obvious. If a person looks relaxed and happy, ask for the reason of their happiness and relaxed state. This can further engage you in a deeper conversation.

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