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Discover how to awaken and master your destiny


A lot of people are interested in finding out what their purpose in the life is, what their destiny is. We are all aware of our grand purpose in life, but somehow nothing major has happened yet. This raises the question about who we are, what we are destined to do and what do we truly want. Destiny includes every aspect of personality joined with identity of the soul. Everything about you describes your destiny – what you do, want, desire and what challenges you.

How to be in charge of  your destiny?

The soul has its path and plan for you in life. It is up to a person to collaborate with the soul and year after a year collect extra energy and receive power and strength.

You should open up and embrace your destiny. If you refuse to do that, you will fail to benefit from this extra energy and be confronted with resistance on your path.

The first step is to recognize what you naturally know to do well. The goal is to be aware of the influence we can make with our gift and concentrate on improving our gift.

Identify your traits –Without much thinking you should name at least five of your traits.  Those are the things that are noticeable every day. In order to become proficient in them we have to apply our attention on the most rewarding traits and put them out in the world. If you need help to identify your traits, feel free to ask people you care about.

Identify their opposites – To be able to fully use your gift you have to find a way to overcome any challenging obstacle. The challenge in creativity may be how to overcome being stuck or to ensure that the flow or creativity is used in the right manner. Learn how to overcome obstacles in order to use your gifts.

Practice them every day – Practice is the key to success. The more you practice using your gifts, the better results are and greater possibilities of their application and potential.

Become aware of their influence – Pay attention to what happens in your surroundings when you use your gift. What is the impact; people’ reaction; what changes, what are the benefits, obvious advantages and disadvantages? The purpose of this is to observe what is useful and effective and what isn’t.

Complete the circle – In order to receive, you have to give. To be able to advance to the subsequent level of gift mastery, a person has to get feedback and acknowledgment for their efforts. The appreciation may be in various forms such as gifts, money or simple verbal acknowledgement. Or you can decide on your own acceptable form of appreciation and request it. Because the energy you give is returned to you, it all boils down to you being open to receive appreciation.

It is up to you.

It takes time to master your gifts. It is up to you to recognize your gifts, be open to use them in the world, both for your own sake and for others and accept acknowledgment for your conscious effort.

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