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4 ingredients that kill our immunity and cause cancer


Processed food with high levels of fat, salt or sugar is what causes fatness and other weight-related disorders.

According to Tim Spector, Professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London and author of The Diet Myth, we all know that these contents in our food are not beneficial for our health, but what we usually don’t pay our attention to is our monotonous everyday diet. Insufficient food diversity is what destroys our gut flora and reduces the resistance of our organism.

Spector explains that 80% of processed food is consisted of just four ingredients – corn, wheat, soy and meat. Despite the widespread belief that these foods are healthy, we are faced with numerous examples that confirm the opposite. Unhealthy diet is the reason why an average American adult regularly takes more than ten prescribed medications.

It wasn’t always like this. Compared to our reality, our ancestors had the habit of consuming about 150 different ingredients during the week.

In order to prove his observations, Spurlock conducted an experiment with the help of his son who underwent a junk food diet for ten days. For the purposes of research, he provided stool samples before and after the diet. After the diet, he was feeling sick and tired, and stool testing showed that his gut flora was damaged after only three days of unhealthy diet.

The reason for this worrying result is the fact that about 95% of all soybeans and 80% of all corn grown in the U.S. are genetically modified. Biotech companies, such as Monsanto, have made a significant effort to convince the nation that genetically modified food is healthy. And they have done it successfully.

In addition to that, spreading of bad bacteria in human guts is the reason why our body needs this kind of food. These bacteria live on junk food and they are sending signals for more. That is why we can never get enough of this food.

If you are not convinced in harmful effect of these foods, just remember that they are used as sources for industrial adhesives.

Let’s end this unhealthy trend

If you want to change your bad nutritional habits, the first thing you need to do is to switch to diverse foods. As Spector advises, your body needs fresh fruit and vegetables with vitamins and fibers. Sure, there is another aspect of this problem – manufacturers must be involved in this process as well. They should produce their products using different ingredients.

Everyone’s health will be in much better condition if the diet includes nuts, seeds, and vegetables rich in fibers.

Freelance dietitian Carrie Ruxton points out that the progress cannot be made without the help of manufacturers, who are partly responsible for this alarming obesity situation. It would help a lot if they reduced the amount of calories in their products and used more vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

Nowadays, gluten intolerance is a common health issue and it is caused by genetically modified wheat. Modern wheat cultivation absolutely eliminates this grain from the list of healthy foods.

Dairy products are processed by man, and processes of homogenization and pasteurization make these products unhealthy.

The production of thyroid hormone is affected by soy products, which also reduce energy in the body because they inhibit enzymes responsible for the transfer of energy from one molecule to another.

Probiotics as a solution

According to Spector, personalized probiotics could be the solution. However, in order to achieve results this way, every person should undergo tests for their gut microbes and should be categorized into adequate groups, and consume products with optimal amount of strains.

Highly sensitive gut microflora

A study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh confirmed that diet almost instantly affect gut microflora. The effect can be positive or negative.

One experiment involved a group of African-Americans and a group of rural Africans. The first group applied the diet specific to rural Africans, based on vegetables, instead of their own unhealthy diet for two weeks. Rural Africans did the same, they abandoned their regular diet for two weeks, and consumed high-fat, low-fiber Western diet. This experiment proved how fast human gut microflora changes under the influence of diet.

As the lead researcher Stephen O’Keefe noticed, this findings suggest that only two weeks of healthy diet are enough to reduce the risk of cancer.

If you are still not convinced that corn, wheat, soy and meat are not good for your health, test yourself. Don’t take any of these ingredients for at least two weeks and wait for the results. Pay attention to how your body feels after the changes in your diet. Your body will tell you what is good for you, and what is not.

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