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3 recipes to save you from the unpleasant smell of feet


The problem of smelly feet can happen to anyone who spends a lot of time wearing closed shoes. However, there are several natural ways to deal with this problem.

The first defense against unpleasant smell is hygiene of the feet. If, despite good washing with antibacterial soap and water, your feet continue to have unpleasant smell, prepare one of these simple baths:

1.Bath made of lemon juice and baking soda

Foot odor can be neutralized if you put 50 grams of baking soda and juice of one lemon in two liters of hot water and soak your feet in it. Keep your feet in the bath for 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure daily.

2.Bath made of apple cider vinegar

Put half a cup of apple cider vinegar in two litre of hot water. Soak your feet in the bath for 15 minutes at least once a day.

3.Bath made of sage and rosemary

Your feet will smell pleasant and nice and you will forget the unpleasant odor if you soak the feet in the following bath. Add a tablespoon of dried rosemary and one to two tablespoons of dried sage in boiled water (about two liters). When the ingredients are soaked in, and the water will almost cool, put your feet in the bath and enjoy for about 15 minutes.


The feet will be healthy and without fungi, which occur as a result of excessive sweating if you can manage to maintain your feet without moisture. You can achieve so if before putting on sandals or shoes children you apply powder on your feet. Another good moisture absorber is corn flour.




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