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20 different types of pain caused by emotional state



Pain is not only a manifestation of a physical injury. It is also a manifestation energy, perception and physical manifestation. A person can feel different types of pain and it is connected to a specific emotional state in our mind.

Our body will manifest pain even when a person is unaware that he or she is suffering. Our body will send us a signal that something is wrong and people should know how to interpret such signals.

Muscle pain – is a sign of movement. If you feel this type of pain, you should pay attention to how much you are flexible with decisions regarding work, home or yourself. Sometimes the best solution is to relax and live in the moment.

Headache – If you experience this type of pain, it means that you are not ready to make some sort of a decision. You should find time to relax and get rid of the tension.

Painful neck – This indicates that you are finding it difficult to forgive someone or even yourself. Focus on the things you enjoy and appreciate in others and yourself.

Painful gums – This type of pain indicates that there is a decision you did not take or you don’t like. You should outline your goals and invest your best efforts to achieve them.

Shoulder pain – Something is dragging you down and it could be an emotional issue. Think about how this problem can be solved and invite people from your life to participate in problem-solving.

Stomach pain – The feeling of unease that appears deep within (like you have trouble digesting something) means that you are struggling with something undesirable.

Upper back pain – This could indicate that you seek emotional support or even more love than you receive at the moment. Single people could take this as a sign to get out and mingle!

Lower back pain – Another sign of the lack of emotional support or even anxiety. If you worry too much, find a way to solve the cause of your worry.

Pain in the sacrum and tailbone – You have a problem and you decided to just sit on it and ignore it. tackle the issue and the solution will appear.

Elbow pain – You fear change and you are firmly against it. If you have a stiff stance and your arms are always rigid, it is time to relax and try something different and move your life into a new direction.

Pain in the arms – This indicates that you carry some issue around. It could be something that is troubling you. Therefore, it is time to solve the issue you keep carrying around with you.

Pain in the hands – We reach out to people with our hands. Therefore, this means that you are too independent and that you should reach out to people more.

Pain in the hips – Fear of change, movement and new things. You resist things too much and it is time to move forward.

Pain in the joints – You are unable to relax and adopt new ways of thinking, new experiences. Be open to life experiences.

Knee pain – This type of pain generally symbolizes a problem with a relationship with someone.

Pain in the ankles – For some reason, you prevent yourself from being happy. Whatever it is, forgive yourself and move on. Another suggestion is to try and liven up your love life.

Pain causing fatigue –  Fatigue is the result of boredom, resistance, and rejecting what it takes to move forward. Move into new experiences and lighten up your mood.

Foot pain – depression can be the root of this issue. Get rid of the negativity and start to see things in the new light and enjoy life because it is beautiful.

Unexplained pain in various body parts – They say that the pain is weakness leaving the body. So if you feel pain for unexplained reasons, it could be that your body is purging all negativity and that the negative energy will be out soon.

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