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Wreckage of a lost Malaysian plane discovered? – VIDEO


There are rumors that a location of the missing Flight MH370 was discovered. It seems that the plane has been found in a Philippine jungle on the island of Sugbai in Tawi-Tawi province.

A woman came across the plane wreckage while she was hunting for birds with a few other people. Her nephew, Mr. Omar reported her finding to the police.

According to a police commissioner Jalaludin Abdul Rahman, the witness even saw skeletons in the plane wreckage. The woman also discovered a Malaysian flag.

Based on all these pieces of evidence, the plane could be the missing Malaysia Airlines flight. Malaysian plane disappeared with 239 passengers in March last year.

An aircraft wing belonging to MH370 was discovered on the island of Reunion in the west of the Indian Ocean. It is improbable that an aircraft wing managed to drift from the Philippines to Reunion despite all obstacles in the way.

Another possibility is that the wing broke off during the flight and actually caused problems for pilots.

It was reported that an oil rig worker, who was on his rig off the southern tip of Vietnam, observed a plane on fire.

If the wreckage on Sugbai island belongs to MH370, the plane would have had to change its course after taking off and divert its route east, towards the lower Philippines islands.

According to experts, a plane usually changes its course due to catastrophic disasters, an explosion, a fire or hijacking.

Australian, Malaysian and Chinese authorities are searching for the plane. The only evidence of the plane is the lost wing located on Reunion.

The authorities still have to determine whether the wreckage belongs to the lost plane. If this is the case, the public confirmation will be released in the upcoming days.

A naval task force interviewed islanders about this, but they did not know anything.

A thorough investigation of the island will be conducted with the help of Mr. Omar and his aunt.


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