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Despite being vaccinated, woman died of measles


As reported by the Associated Press, one person died of measles even though she was vaccinated. This is the first case in 12 years.

A woman whose identity was not revealed, caught this disease while she was in hospital because of the other medical issue. According to officials, this person is not elderly and she has been previously vaccinated against measles. However, her immune system was compromised and in combination with medications, it could not fight against the disease.

Previous case of death caused by measles happened in 2003 and this is the first case since.

Public health authorities are using this case to further raise the awareness of importance of immunizing as many people as possible to provide a high level of community protection against measles. According to Donn Moyer who is a spokesman for Washington State Department of Health, people with weak immune system cannot respond well when exposed to disease even if they have been vaccinated.

Based on this case, it can be concluded that the probability of vaccines not working if you get sick is high.

Reports on vaccines adverse effects have been reported in 6962 cases, but public officials neglect to mention this. The death was reported in 329 of these cases and half of it were children under the age of three.

M-M-R vaccine stands for Measles, Mumps and Rubella and it has various toxic metals, which produce adverse reactions. It is also considered to be the cause of childhood autism. It was even concluded that these vaccines could damage a person’s health instead of being beneficial.


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