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WikiLeaks: John Podesta attended Satanic ‘spirit cooking’ party


Based on another disclosure made by WikiLeaks, it was suggested that John Podesta was involved in certain Satanistic rituals.

New WikiLeaks emails suggest John Podesta attended a “Spirit Cooking” dinner party at Marina Abramovich’s house.

Given what we know about the performance artist’s occult fascination, it’s safe to assume they weren’t saying the Lord’s Prayer.

View the email HERE.

So what happened at this dinner party? Marina Abramovich demonstrates what Spirit Cooking is in a YouTube video. Painting a wall with pig blood, Abramovich smears the sentence “WITH A SHARP KNIFE CUT DEEPLY INTO THE MIDDLE FINGER OF YOUR LEFT HAND EAT THE PAIN.” Another daubed message reads “FRESH MORNING URINE SPRINKLE OVER NIGHTMARE DREAMS.”

Abramovich then throws blood over a small statue in the corner of the room, before writing “SPIRIT COOKING.” Blood is then ceremoniously run around the four corners of the room. Another message on the wall reads “MIX FRESH BREAST MILK WITH FRESH SPERM MILK DRINK ON EARTHQUAKE NIGHTS.”

At 7 mins 30 Abramovich is seen in a projected video with a snake wrapped around her head, it’s tail in her nostril.

Warning: in case you hadn’t guessed, this video contains graphic content.


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