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Why NATO insists to stop the war in Ukraine?

ukraine war

NATO criticized Ukraine for not implementing all aspects of the Minsk agreement. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated that it is the only way to resolve the conflict.

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko stated that Ukraine could become one of many NATO members.

Since government forces and the rebels are currently at a truce, OSCE wants Ukraine to remove their army so that Donbass civilian population can repair severely damaged water system in order to avoid the danger of extreme cold during the winter.

Based on the Minsk agreement, weapons have to be removed from the front and elections have to be postponed until February.

It seems that current situation in Ukraine is being contained. Also, Ukraine is being financed by the EU therefore one stepping stone between Russia and the US has been removed.

It seems that announcement that a NATO Embassy will be established in Ukraine is a tactical move. The position of Germany in this situation can be quite challenging since the US sent nuclear weapons in Germany which Russia views as provocation.

In addition to all this, the contained situation in Ukraine won’t hold up any longer. Senior right-wing extremist died because of an explosion and his death will be revenged. Because of this, Western Ukraine might also become infected by a civil war.



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