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Consequences of pollution and environmental degradation in China

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The pollution became a new form of corruption. While millions are being poisoned, polluters make profit on it.

Moreover, the consequences of pollution and environmental degradation have to be cleaned up, on the account of the state. Profits and tax revenues are being used for this purpose.

It is believed that countries like China and the U.S have spent hundreds of billions of dollars over a long period of time.

Apparently, China’s production is not profitable enough to cover up remedial cleanup and pollution costs. The industry is polluting the environment and making profits, while labor and all the other sectors pay higher taxes in order to make China habitable.

Citizens of China are moving to other countries because of this. Even automation is responsible for driving away human talent. Automated machines can produce 1,000 of light fixtures in an hour, while one worker produces 10 light fixtures per hour. This means that unit labor cost of automated machine is 1/1,000th of an hour’s total compensation costs.

However, this actually leads to higher production cost because unit labor costs fall to near-zero as factories are automated, which influences the remaining cost of input by increasing it.

In addition to this, pollution produced by automated factories becomes a direct cost and a form of tax that those living nearby must tolerate. This means that, in the future, the Chinese may stop tolerating the fact that environmental regulation does not exist.

Sadly, if people complain too much, they will be attacked by local squads. Anyone who complains and tries to fight the current corrupted system is suppressed by any means available to local governments in China.


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