Tuesday , March 28 2017
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Who is responsible for explosions in China?


People in China are becoming more and more dissatisfied with the current economic situation and the unemployment rate. This could lead to civil unrest in China.

Southern Chinese city of Liuzhou was shaken by 17 explosions. Bombs exploded in locations which include a hospital, a food market, bus station and other. According to reports, six were killed, while more than 12 were injured.

Media reported that the explosions were caused by parcels containing explosives. This piece of information is quite disturbing because unknown people specifically located sites which are visited by a large number of people.

The causalities could be numerous.

Social media is overwhelmed by numerous photos of collapsed buildings and smoke caused by explosions.

Could this be the start of civil unrest in China? Hopefully, those responsible for these crimes will be punished accordingly and this won’t turn into mass civil violence.



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