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Who is in charge of Europe?


As it turns out, the EU is losing its influence and is unable to follow the US and Russia, two big players who are using Europe to demonstrate their power.

According to German media, the EU became just an observer who is not strong enough to set rules on its own territory, while NATO’s directions are spreading across the continent.

The EU became blind to everything but to economic interests. The situation on the European continent has become worse because of the spying scandal involving Angela Merkel and her government.

The weakness of the EU is obvious, there are many proofs for that – occasions in Greece, Ukraine and The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia confirm that.

The US influence is so strong that, in the case of Ukrainian crisis, European countries imposed economic sanctions against Russia, even though that is not of their interest at all. They are losing a lot of money because the trade with Russia has stopped, while they still have to support Ukraine economically.

So, Europe is suffering while the US and Russia are trying to establish their domination of the European energy market. Regardless of the outcome, these two countries will earn a lot from their “game”.

One thing is clear. This situation is the price Europe is paying because of the contradictory development of the EU, which was too confident, yet unable to achieve internal harmony.

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