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When is the Pink Moon 2017? How to spot it, where you can see it?

Here is all the information on when the Pink Moon rises and how to watch it.

When is the Pink Moon?

The April full moon, also known as the Pink Moon, will appear in the night sky on Tuesday April 11.

Tuesday is the most optimal time for the moon but it should be visible between Monday April 10 and April 12.

Why is it called the Pink Moon?

Just like the Blue Moon phase, the Pink Moon does not turn pink on this date.

The misguiding name comes from little pink flowers called wild ground phlox which bloom during spring.

This practice of naming the phases of the moon dates back to Native American tribes which used this method to keep track of time.

A full moon rises every 29.5 days which is why is why it does not always occur on the same day.

Over the years the April full moon has been given various names, including the Fish Moon and the Sprouting Grass Moon.

The Pink Moon also holds significance to several religions around the world. In Judaism it marks the start of the Passover as well as the Hanuman festival in Hinduism.

 Where can you watch the Pink Moon? will be live streaming the moon online on Tuesday night.

Watch the livestream HERE.

Enthusiasts  who want to watch the spectacle live, are advised to look out for clear skies and stay away from urban light pollution.

The Moon will also feature very closely to the planet Jupiter which will shine brightly in the sky for the next few months.

Jupiter reached its point of opposition on Friday April 7 ­- and sits almost directly across from the sun, brightly illuminating it.

When are the other full moons this year?

  • Wednesday May 10
  • Friday June 9
  • Sunday July 9
  • Monday August 7
  • Wednesday September 6
  • Thursday October 6
  • Saturday November 4
  • Sunday December 3


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