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What is happening, migrants in Germany disappear mysteriously

refugees missing

Shocking discovery revealed that at least 700 of about 4,000 asylum-seekers disappeared from the refugee camp in the German state of Lower Saxony.

Authorities in Germany are unable to locate these people because they were not registered.

The migrants might have left the province to reunite with their relatives or to look for a more desirable place to live. Another reason could be the inadequate housing for refugees.

German media outlets report that 300,000 refugees will leave Germany to look for other places to live. This information is interesting because Germany decided to welcome refugees and now they want to leave.

Politicians in Germany are against the practice of not registering the refugees who enter Germany.

People are also expressing their dissatisfaction with the current situation in Germany. They have even organized a demonstration in front of a refugee center in Freiberg in Saxony. A bus with refugees was attacked by demonstrators who threw objects at the bus.

In other regions of Germany, politicians are under attack for their attitude that refugees have to be welcomed with hospitality. Butyric acid was poured over a car belonging to one of those politicians. Patrick Dahlemann of the Social Democratic Party said that he won’t be frightened by such actions.

Federal Office of Investigation (BKA) issued a statement that those who support refugees might be in danger of those who don’t.

Mayor Henriette Reker was stabbed by a person who is against refugees.

People in Europe fear that these numerous “missing” refugees might reappear and cause violence on the streets.


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