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What does Kiev have in store for Savchenko?


There is a possibility that Nadezhda Savchenko will be a part of negotiations in Donbass. The further development of this is still uncertain.

According to the Ukrainian political analyst and economic Alexander Dudchak, Kiev wants to achieve several goals by allowing Nadezhda Savchenko to participate in negotiations in Donbass.

In Dudchak’s opinion, Petro Poroshenko wants to ruffle the DPR and LPR and make the Ukrainian woman pardoned by the head of the Russian Federation into a “sacred victim.”

“They want to tickle the nerves of Donetsk and Lugansk. Savchenko is far from the best diplomat and can hardly really be the candidate for carrying out such a delicate mission.

This mission should be handled by diplomats, not soldiers,” Dudchak told “PolitNavigator.”

Savchenko herself has stated that she is ready to continue the war. I don’t think the Donetsk and Lugansk’s reactions will be positive.

Provocations threatening the life of Savchenko cannot be excluded. Kiev would benefit from her being a victim, an icon.

Therefore, they’re sending her to be slaughtered for the purpose of attaining a sacred victim. In recent history there are often such individuals who are not even needed by their own side.

They are more effectively used when made into icons that can be printed on flags,” the Ukrainian political scientist summarizes.

Earlier, Alexander Zakharchenko stated that he was read to negotiate with Savchenko if she would obtain the appropriate authority from Kiev.

In addition, during his “direct line” with the residents of the Zaporozhye region, the head of the DPR stated that Ukrainian special forces had already planned to liquidate the new deputy of the Verkhovna Rada when Savchenko visited the war zone in Donbass on the night of June 6th.


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