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USA attempt to avert World War 3 with North Korea, impose tough sanctions

UN sanctions against Korea

The US is determined to stop any possibility of North Korea firing missiles on the US and starting a World War 3.

And tensions escalated further when the regime launched a missile into space insisting it was a satellite.

Now all cargo going to and from North Korea will be inspected, stopping more weapons being smuggled into the country.

While trade representatives representing tubby tyrant Kim Jong-un have been added to a restrictive UN blacklist.

Announcing the United Nations resolution, US ambassador Sam Power said it was the harshest in two decades.

“Virtually all of North Korea’s resources are channeled into its reckless and relentless pursuit of weapons of mass destruction,” she said.

She said the resolution targeted the country’s leadership, not its impoverished people, and that the state is “a master of evasion” and would try to dodge the sanctions.

Even China, which is allied with the secretive nation, backed the resolution in a bid to stop its neighbour getting even more nukes.

But a White House spokesman said they couldn’t predict how North Korea would respond to the sanctions.

The government news service blasted the measures as “a wanton infringement of [our] sovereignty and grave challenge to it.”

As well as stopping the flow of weapons into North Korea, the new measures will aim to stop luxury items from entering.

On the banned list are luxury watches, recreational water vehicles, pricey snowmobiles and sports equipment.


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