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The first US drone attacks on northern Syria


Based on the reports from Pentagon, the US has initiated a first drone attacks on northern Syria from a Turkish airbase. Attacks by manned US warplanes are also about to happen.

The US State Department blames President Bashar Assad for anarchy and the increase of jihadists in Syria.

Because Washington used Incirlik Air Base to initiate drone attack, Turkey asked for the US to set up a no-fly zone over Syria and a security zone along the Turkish border.

The reason behind the Ankara’s decision to allow others to use their airbases was influenced by the Islamic State suicide bomber in July.  Thirty two people were killed during this attack on a cultural center in town of Suruc, while more than 100 were injured.

Ankara, NATO and the US will provide support to those opposing the Syrian government.

According to Syrian political analyst, Taleb Ibrahim, the role of Turkey in all this is unknown while the reasons for the involvement of the US in Syria and Iraq are suspicious.

It seems that actions and support of the US given to rebels in Syria are not quite legal and lawful.

Phyllis Bennis, from the Institute for Policy Studies, condemned the motives of the US and their involvement in the attack in Syria. He added that the US has no legal basis for their actions in Syria.

The Syrian government stated that whoever carries a weapon is considered a terrorist, while the US has made a distinction between moderate and extreme rebel forces in Syria.

The main purpose of drone attacks is to secure Turkish border and slow down surge of militants wanting to join up with the terrorist organization.

However, a report form 2014 revealed that such drone attacks are not as efficient as they are believed to be. Based on a study conducted by Britain’s Reprieve human-rights group, when one terrorist is killed, it is accompanied by 28 deaths of innocent civilians. Over the period of 10 years, attempts to kill 41 terrorist leaders resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1,147 people.



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