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Unexpected resident spent over 20 years in the basement


How would you feel to find a complete stranger living in your basement? This is exactly what happened to a couple from Cottage Grove in Minnesota.

Can you imagine their surprise when they found a secret laboratory in their home, in the basement to be precise? As soon as the Morgan family realized that there was an intruder in their home, they called the police.

When the police arrived, the Morgans explained that somebody was making noise in their basement.

Officers heard the noise as well and their assumption was that the intruder experienced some accident and that the noise was actually his cry for help. When they went down to the basement, there was nothing there. However, they could still hear the noise. Then they realized it was coming from behind a large storage cabinet.

It turned out that there was another room behind that cabinet, and what is most interesting, there was an old man in it, identified as Dr. Winston Corrigan who disappeared 31 years ago. He used to teach chemistry at the University of Minnesota, but nobody heard anything from him since 1984.

The Morgans didn’t know that he was the previous resident of their house, and they didn’t know that he was living in the same building with them. After years of isolation, he was found in that basement in traumatized condition. He was surrounded with various scientific equipment, and it is unknown when did he move into the room.

At the moment, he needs medical care, and the Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, is taking care of that. But after he is recovered, the Prairie Hills Clinic will take him over for a psychiatric evaluation.

According to a neighbor, previous residents left the house because they thought it was haunted. Usually it is hard to believe that this kind of statement can be true, but in case of this house, the “ghost” has just been identified.

The scientific equipment discovered on site was stolen from the University of Minnesota, and it is worth more than 500,000 dollars. Besides the science equipment, police found weapons along with substantial amounts of a hallucinogenic drug known as LSD or Acid.

Will Dr. Winston be treated as a victim or as a criminal – it remains to be seen.

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