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Trump won because Democrats stole nomination from Bernie Sanders


It is claimed that the Democrats made a mistake when they stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton.

Republican nominee Donald Trump won the US presidential election because the Democrats rigged the system to ensure Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders, according to WikiLeaks.


Independent Senator Sanders, who sought the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, could have won the election but the Democratic National Committee (DNC) stopped him from doing so by pushing him out from the primary race, the whistleblowing agency suggested in a statement published on its website on Wednesday.

WikiLeaks claimed that the Democratic Party establishment conspired to ensure Clinton win the party’s presidential nomination. In doing so it chose a weaker candidate who lost the election against Trump on Tuesday, the agency suggested.

The Democratic Party “defeated the purpose of running a primary” by pushing Sanders out of the race, said WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange’s group has leaked thousands of emails from the DNC over the last months, uncovering an insider effort within the party to rig the primary campaign against Clinton’s rival, Sanders.

The revelation triggered a political firestorm and resulted in the resignation of DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz after a fierce infighting in the party.

During the primaries, Sanders ran a close race with Clinton and promised to continue the fight all the way until the Democratic National Convention in June, where the party’s nominee was going to be named.

Towards the end of the race, however, Sanders changed his tone and bowed out in favor of Clinton. He also appeared next to her during the DNC and officially endorsed her by giving an emotional speech.

“Right now in every major poll, national poll and statewide poll done in the last month, six weeks, we are defeating Trump often by big numbers, and always at a larger margin than Secretary Clinton is,” Sanders said in May.

On Tuesday, Trump stunned the world by defeating heavily favored Clinton in the presidential election, sending the United States on a new, uncertain path.

Trump rode a wave of anger toward the elite US establishment to win the White House race against Clinton, a longtime Washington insider.


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