Wednesday , March 29 2017
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Trump suggested that the US should back away from Syria


Donald Trump expressed his opinion over Russia’s involvement in Syria. Based on his opinion, the US should let Russia deal with ISIS.

Russia has given military support to Assad in order to fight Islamic State terrorist group. Even though the US also wants to crush ISIS, on the other hand the US is against Assad’s regime.

Trump’s comments on foreign policy were not met with approval.

Mr. Trump gave many concerning interviews. During one radio interview he mixed the names of terrorists and mixed up the Kurds with the Iranian Quds force.

In his other statement he pointed out that by invading Iraq, the US only managed to give more power to Iran. He concluded that the invasion of Iraq was pointless since many lives were lost and a lot of money was spent for nothing.

According to him, Iraq and Iran are making deals for Iran to take over oil deposits while the ISIS gets the rest.


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