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Trudeau announces Canadian open door Islamist policy

Canadian Prime Minister

After President Donald Trump introduced a new ban on immigration, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed that Canada has an open door policy.

Trudeau, a former drama teacher and the son of radical leftist Pierre Trudeau, signaled the start of Canada’s open door policy by tweeting:

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada.”

Trudeau’s tweets, which included photos of him personally welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada, promoted outcry on Twitter, with Canadians accusing their Prime Minister of selling out their country and “inviting chaos.”

Canadians dismayed by the announcement claimed “Liberals will turn Canada into Germany and France. Mass Muslim Migration will destroy Canada as we know it,” and agreed they would swap their Prime Minister for President Trump “in a heartbeat.”

A poll released Tuesday found Canadians are increasingly disenchanted with Trudeau, whose approval ratings have nosedived to their lowest point since he became Prime Minister.

The Forum Poll, a public opinion firm, released their numbers while Trudeau was participating in a townhall in western Calgary. Calgarians greeted Trudeau with loud boos and, in some instances, barely managed to let Trudeau answer their barbed questions.

CBC reported that “a few voices in the crowd frequently peppered the prime minister with heckles” and “an elderly man seated in the last row of the crowd persistently badgered the prime minister throughout the event, asking him if he had ever gone without a meal, and made other inaudible comments about Fidel Castro and Chinese Communists.”

Forum found that a minority 48 percent of Canadians approve of the job Trudeau is doing as Prime Minister. “Those are the worst numbers Forum — or any other pollster — has registered for Trudeau since he became prime minister”.

Trudeau’s approval rating dropped ten percentage points since November, after he became the subject of international scorn for praising late Communist dictator Fidel Castro.

Trudeau dropped another three points in December, Forum adds, following the revelation that he had attended lavish Trudeau Foundation meetings where Chinese millionaire lobbyists were present.

His figures are expected to drop even further following widespread condemnation of his open door #WelcomeToCanada policy.


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