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Trick debate question from Chris Wallace PROVES the election results will be stolen the night of Nov. 8… here’s why Trump must challenge the theft of power in America


It has been speculated for a while now that the entire US election system is rigged. It is believed that every debate question is carefully designed to create mass media assault on Trump.

If the American masses were just a little bit more awakened, they could see all this without hesitation. The scripting of debate questions to push a narrative of actual conspiracy to steal the U.S. election is blatantly obvious. Remember during the second debate when CNN’s Anderson Cooper repeatedly asked Trump if he had ever inappropriately touched women? The entire purpose of that question was to set up the engineered publicity of women who would make numerous accusations against Trump (many of which have been completely debunked, as Trump correctly stated).

In last night’s debate, Fox News’ Chris Wallace laid out the preamble to what is going to be the wholesale theft of the election on Nov. 8. His question, paraphrased, was, “Donald Trump, will you accept the election results on Nov. 8th?”

It was a loaded question, of course. What he was really asking, if you state it accurately, is the following:

Donald Trump, if the Clinton corruption machine of massive voter fraud, wholesale media bias, back room deal making with the FBI and staged, coordinated violence at your rallies manages to allow the democrats to steal this election in an un-democratic way, will you surrender immediately and stop fighting for America?

Trump’s answer was, essentially, “Hell no.”

It was all a set up for a media barrage to attack Trump

Get a grip, folks. Debate questions are not asked because the moderators are genuinely curious what the candidates think. Debate questions are chosen in advance to stage the conditions for a mass media assault on Trump in the days following the debate.

The entire point of the “will you accept the election results” question was to set Trump up for the pre-planned media barrage you’re seeing today, which absurdly accuses Trump of abandoning democracy even as Hillary Clinton is quite obviously engaged in massive vote fraud, corruption and real conspiracy at every level.

As is typical with dishonest, corrupt democrats, they’re now screaming accusations at Trump, accusing him of doing the exact same thing they are doing in droves: STEALING the election.

I ask you this: Which party has steadfastly refused to allow voter ID at the ballot box to prevent the same people from voting more than once? The democrats.

Which party busses low-income inner city residents and illegal aliens all over America to make sure they can vote multiple times in multiple elections? Democrats.

Which party colludes with the media to stage debate questions and town hall questions in advance? Democrats.

Which party is operating in total conspiracy with the mainstream media to cover up all their candidate’s lies, history of fraud, official bribery, back door deal making with the FBI and treasonous abandonment of national security with her own emails? The democrats, of course.

There is only one party in America right now that is anti-democratic, and ironically it’s the democrats. It is abundantly clear from everything now coming out via Wikileaks and Project Veritas that the Hillary Clinton campaign operates in complete contempt of democratic processes, deliberately choosing to violate the law, cheat, lie, steal, commit acts of violence and carry out any and all actions necessary to seize power at the highest levels.

It’s now obvious that Chris Wallace is also part of the same genuine conspiracy to crush democracy and steal the White House for the globalists. Are any of us really surprised? He works for Fox News, which is now run by the same globalists who also run corporations like Monsanto and Pfizer.

Donald Trump: Do NOT concede to a rigged election

Fortunately, Donald Trump has more backbone than anyone expected. He openly answered Chris Wallace with the correct answer: “I’ll look at it at the time,” meaning he’s not going to pre-agree to an outcome that’s rigged. That would be stupid. Although he may be a man with a huge ego, Donald Trump isn’t stupid, and he’s not going to pre-agree to an open-ended “contract” of sorts without seeing what unfolds.

Good for Donald. He refuses to be suckered into the media’s narrative to STEAL this election and get away with it.

It’s now looking more and more likely that the results of this election are going to be contested almost no matter what happens. It’s obvious by now that Hillary Clinton can only “win” this election by stealing it. She has virtually zero real support. Her campaign events are poorly attended, all the polls have to be rigged to even show her at competitive support levels, and her fake plastered smile makes people shudder in horror.

The same leftist media that has conspired all along to destroy Trump and cover up the crimes of Clinton has now agreed to jointly falsify the election results on Nov. 8 and try to steal the election by pulling off the single largest attempt of mental sleight of hand ever engineered in any election.

They are literally going to report FAKED numbers, act like they’re real, then demand Trump concede defeat as quickly as possible. By the time the real numbers are discovered, Hillary will have already given her acceptance speech and the media will celebrate America’s new “unity” under the Clinton regime. That’s the plan, anyway, but Trump refuses to fall for it. (Remember: The media believes they shape reality. They literally think that whatever they report BECOMES reality merely because they reported it, even if it has no basis in fact.)

If Donald Trump challenges the fraudulent results, he might pull off the greatest victory for We the People since the American Revolution

If the voting results are rigged for Hillary, Donald Trump is going to challenge the fraudulent results on Nov. 8. Remember, too, that the voting machines in 16 states are owned by a company with ties to democrat operative George Soros. There’s no question whatsoever that the democrats despise democracy and will steal this election by any and all means within their reach.

To save America from the kind of totalitarianism that will be ushered in by a Clinton presidency, Donald Trump needs to unleash an army of lawyers and investigators to document the massive vote fraud, disclose the evidence of criminality and declare the election NULL AND VOID.

Make no mistake that Donald Trump will have the support of roughly 50% of the American people behind him as he challenges the corrupt democratic fraud machine that’s now demanding he surrender, even before the election. If his challenges go to the Supreme Court, he has a real shot at getting the fraudulent vote results overturned.

We could literally end up with either a new, second election, or possibly an armed citizens’ revolt if things go sour. There’s no questions this is going to get interesting…

Democrats make a mockery of democracy

The democrats make a mockery of democracy. They despise any fair elections process from the start. They have no faith in the idea that voters would support them organically and without staging massive fraud to sway the results. In essence, democrats are running this election like a Third World dictatorship, which is no coincidence, as they believe in running the entire country like a Third World dictatorship.

Without question, there is already so much damning evidence of corruption, collusion and criminality against Hillary Clinton that any honest society would have demanded she step down and forfeit the election long ago. She is only being held in place by the coordinated, criminal activities of the FBI, the mainstream media, the DOJ, the State Dept., and the Obama White House. Among those groups, there are probably hundreds of people who need to be imprisoned for real crimes against America (including James Comey, by the way).

None of those people are going to voluntarily let go of power. They despise any “peaceful transition of power” to anyone but themselves, and they are willing to do anything — ANYTHING! — to stay in power at all costs.


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