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This is how our world will end – Hubble telescope gives amazing glimpse into the future

hubble telescope

The way a star days away reveals how our planet could one day disappear. The entire process was observed by the Hubble telescope.

The Hubble telescope  captured a star known as Kohoutek 4-55 in the process of dying.

It offers us a rare preview as to what will happen to our sun when it comes to the end of its life.

Although it looks pretty, the star, located 4,600 light years away near to the constellation Cygnus, is expanding and burning everything that is close to it – meaning the Earth will also fry.

However, we still have some time before this happens – around five billion years, and by that time we will have hopefully found a planet in a far away galaxy to reside in.

The ESA said: “The intricate swirls of gas offer us a glimpse of our sun’s distant future.

“In five billion years’ time, our star will be dying.

“It is expected to behave in the same way as see here, shedding its outer layers to reveal the burning core, which then becomes a slowly cooling ember known as a white dwarf.

Previously it had been thought the universe will not tear itself apart for 22 billion years, but this time has been reduced almost tenfold.

Experts also believed the universe is expanding and its expansion accelerates as time goes by.

Scientists now acknowledge this quickening expansion is down to the presence of dark energy, which still remains a mystery.

As the universe expands, more dark energy is created, causing the process to get faster.



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