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The world wants to take down Monsanto


May 23rd was the day when the people from all parts of the planet stood up to confront global corporations which allowed themselves to decide what is the best food for us. Monsanto is one of those corporations.

The movement known as the “March against Monsanto” got stronger over the years and it earned the attention of the media. The reason for this mass movement is the fact that GM food is everywhere around us and companies like Monsanto have permission to produce and distribute these kind of products, despite the information that these products can be harmful to human health and the environment. Supporters of this movement warn that there is an urgent need to ban and restrict this kind of products. There are many examples of countries which are devoted to this problem – Russia is one of them.

The good thing is that an unbelievable number of people have opened their eyes. Every day they get more aware of the things happening around them, and what is even more important, they are ready to do something about it. Masses are interested in various topics – police brutality, government secrecy, war, water fluoridation, vaccination, etc. Yes, among burning topics is this one about uncontrollable and irresponsible actions of big biotech corporations like Monsanto.

These companies keep manufacturing Genetically Modified Food (GM), as well as pesticides and other chemicals used for spraying the food, and they don’t pay attention to the consequences. They ignore the studies that point out the most serious dangers that the use of these chemicals and GMOs could cause.

Not just that these companies ignore the facts, they are putting an effort to fabricate the information and convince the public, as well as the government officials, that what they do is good, and completely harmless.

Numerous studies have already been conducted, and it is scientifically proven that GM food is not completely safe for human consumption. For example, there is a connection between GMOs and cancer, as well as severe liver/kidney damage. David Suzuki, a geneticist, knows to say that humans have “become part of a massive genetic experiment.” It is obvious why.

There is a proof that pesticides have negative effects. However, Roundup enjoys the reputation of the safest pesticide. In spite of its reputation, this chemical is the most toxic among the herbicides and insecticides tested, but because of the economic interests, manufacturers keep presenting it as “the safest”.

This is why people from around the world insist on talking about that. They are protesting and supporting all those countries where the GMOs and the pesticides have already been banned.  The popularity of GMOs and the pesticides is rapidly dropping for a reason.

This movement against unhealthy food, poisons we are exposed to, and widespread lies on important topics, confirms that a group of dedicated people can really make a difference.

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