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THE SOVIET BEAST Russia is “resurrecting” a helicopter the Americans had the fear from during the Cold war VIDEO

mi-14 avio russia

The Russian Navy has shown interest in reproducing the former pride of the Soviet military arsenal, the nuclear-capable Mi-14 antisubmarine helicopter. In the 1990s, Washington put pressure on weakened Russia and insisted on decommissioning of these helicopters, along with Tu-160 bombers and their ballistic missiles.

Following the information coming from the top of the Russian Army and reported by “Russia Today”, Russia is preparing to renew production of the supersonic Tu-160 “Blackjack” bombers and Mi-14 helicopters.

The information from the Republic of Tatarstan, where the Mi-14 was produced, says that its capital’s factory KVZ (Kazan Helicopter Works) works hard to put the Mi-14 back on the production line as soon as possible.

The Mi-14 or Haze, how the NATO members used to call it, is an antisubmarine helicopter which optionally can be armed with a torpedo, twelve 64kg or eight 128kg bombs and a 1 kiloton nuclear antisubmarine bomb.

This aircraft is capable of neutralizing any submarine within a radius of 800 meters. It has a unique capability of landing on the surface of the water, and it can stay 5,5 hours without refueling. This is how it can cover the area of 1,100km.

Sonars, magnetometers, hydro-acoustic beacons and other radar equipment could successfully detect all types of hostile submarines. The Americans insisted on decommissioning of the Mi-14 because these helicopters spotted their “invisible” submarine in the Soviet territorial waters in the 1980s. The American submarine was spared just because of the good will of the Soviet military command, which didn’t want to aggravate already poor relations.

If Russia puts the Mi-14 back on the production line, NATO will soon be able to see former soviet submarine hunters, flying over the Black Sea and other strategically important waters.

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