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The most powerful El Niño will cause serious consequences and chaos

el nino flood

Horrific weather conditions will be caused by the most powerful El Niño so far.

Every two to seven years the weather phenomena returns as a result of interaction between the ocean and the atmosphere, forcing global temperatures to rise and result in extreme rain and wind.

The current cycle has been particularly prolonged, having been ongoing since last year and has now peaked causing chaos – but experts warn that it will remain strong for several more months.

Many believe El Nino was the cause of some of the worst floods ever to hit Britain, which left many areas in the country submerged over recent months.

Scientists here and abroad believe the worst of the weather are here to say with the Met Office warning of “wide reaching global impacts”.

Experts at the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) said this El Nino has caused temperatures over the Pacific ocean to soar by two degrees celsius above the average.

WMO secretary general Petteri Taalas said: “We have just witnessed one of the most powerful ever El Nino events which caused extreme weather in countries on all continents and helped fuel record global heat in 2015.

“In meteorological terms, this El Nino is now in decline.

“But we cannot lower our guard as it is still quite strong and in humanitarian and economic terms, its impacts will continue for many months to come.

El Nino has also wreaked havoc on the UK’s weather cycle, leading to a warmer January and a colder start to Spring.

“This El Nino is comparable in strength to the 1997-98 and 1982-83 events and ranks among the strongest on record.”



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