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The biggest volcano in Europe is on the verge of exploding


There is a reason to believe that Etna might erupt soon as it blew a big mushroom cloud of toxic ash into the sky.

Mount Etna, the continent’s highest and most active volcano, on Sicily, Italy, has once again opened up, spewing red torrents of lava into the sky.

The most volatile eruption came on Wednesday, with bubbling lava filling one of the craters the whole day, but yesterday there was still sporadic activity.

Despite the apparent danger, mountain guides who work on the 3,330 metre took groups of tourists to watch the spectacle.

US tourist Mary Canaval said: “It is erupting from the central crater, it is magnificent.”

The volcano has been bursting into action several times a year, but there are fears activity is increasing and it could be about to unleash another massive one like in 1992.

There was heightened activity from 1991 to 1993, with the main explosion on May 23 1992.

During this time the town of Zafferana was threatened by lava flows, but diversions of the flow left the area largely intact, with the loss of one outlying building.

It erupted for the first time in two years in early December, and there has been frequent activity since.


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