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Teenage terrorist cries before going into a suicide mission – VIDEO


The fear of a teenage suicide bomber minutes before going into a suicide mission was captured on video. It is obvious that the boy is scared.

A weeping boy named Jafar al-Tayyar is saying goodbye as he is getting ready to engage in a suicide mission for the Imam Bukhari Jamaat militant group.

While others are giving him support and pats on the back, he is openly crying, which is obviously a sign that he does not want to die.

As the time is running out and he is getting ready to drive off into his death, he is reminded that he is doing this for Allah. If he is scared he should think of Allah. Suicide teen terrorist replied that he is worried that he might not succeed.

He succeeded in his mission. This mission included seven other suicide bombings and 200 rockets.

The militant group used this video to present Jafar al-Tayyar as a martyr among others who share the same values and beliefs.


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